This article will help you use the Data Download feature on REPORT.

Select a timeframe

The timeframe selection module and the search bar work in the exact same way that on your REPORT dashboard. 

Mapped/unmapped option

You can download your csv with dimensions mapped or unmapped. 

Dimensions are mapped by default

To download the dimension unmapped, you will need to click on the  button 

Limit of 3 dimensions

The number of dimensions you can select in the Data Download service is limited. When you select 3 dimensions on Data Download, you will see an automatic message telling you that the maximum number of dimensions has been reached.

You can only combine 3 dimensions in the same file. The reason behind this limitation is that we want to ensure that the csv can be calculated fast enough by the Adomik Platform upon request. To access more dimensions simultaneously, you can use our MANAGE service (Please contact your Adomik Technical Account Manager)

Once you have selected your 3 dimensions, simply click on "DOWNLOAD CSV" 



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