Use the wizard service

Receive data processing updates

The Wizard is the notification button on the bottom right-hand corner of your REPORT dashboard. 


Clicking on the Wizard will show you the current data processing status for each platform.


You can see when the data is available, being processed or when it will be.

available.png : The data is available in REPORT.

in_progress.png : The data processing is in progress and will be available later on.

coming_soon.png : The data processing will start later this day at the scheduled time.

missing.png : The data processing did not succeed. If there is an issue that cannot be fixed within the same day, you will be informed on the issue and its status on the Wizard.

The Account Operations team will also use the Wizard to inform you about current data processing errors or delays.

See full data availability status

At the bottom, you can see a link to the full data availability status page.


There you will see a table with the availability status for each one of your seats, for the past 7 days:





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