Save and manage you queries

Saved query module

In the REPORT search bar, create your query with all filters and/or exclusions you need.

  • Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen:



  • Write the name of your query and click on the blue star. Your query is saved.





  • Click on “Go to my account”. You will land on the “Account/Preferences” page.



  • Click on the “Preference” tab. Then you will have access to all your saved queries. You can edit or delete them by clicking on the "edit" or "delete" signs next to your query.



To re-run a save query you can simply go to the saved queries module: you will find them listed there


Alternative option

Create the query with all the filters and/or exclusions you need. Then copy and paste the URL in a safe place. Your query is saved!

You only need to paste the URL in your Browser and you will find the exact same query you just created.

This simple trick allows you to share your reports with your teammates.







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